Lease Or Buy A Car, What Is The Best Financial Choice For The Year 2016?

Just two short decades ago, if you asked someone if they leased or bought their car, their answer would most likely be “lease of course.” When the market fell out, the car market fell out too. The crash of 2009 and changed the way people bought, sold and leased cars.

Still a popular option for those who have a car allowance, not everyone is lease-crazy. Not many individuals are opting to lease their cars these days. The reason? With interest rates so low, it makes more sense to purchase a car than lease it.

A lease is a great idea in theory. Like borrowing a car, you can drive around in the car of your dreams and still afford it. Leasing a car can cost about a third of what a car payment to buy costs per month, which makes it a viable option for those who want a higher end car that is within their monthly budget.

The problem? Many people have gotten burned on their lease. When the interest rates fell, and money became cheaper to borrow, it didn’t make sense to lease. Having no equity in the car at the end of the lease just didn’t seem like a smart money choice for many.

Over the past two decades with less disposable income, not only are people opting to buy cars, they have increased their purchase of used cars. Many realize that buying a car that is just two years old, and in great condition, is a better option than paying full price for new. Disheartened in knowing that just driving a new car off the lot is a loss, they see the potential of a used car with few miles to be a much better buy.

What will 2016 bring for car sales?

There is talk that the Fed will increase interest rates this year. Due to the stability of the market, many are seeing the historic stagnation of the interest rates and speculating that an interest rate hike is on the horizon. Just speculation, no one really knows if it will happen or not. Why is that important? If interest rates hike that may mean that it will not only be more difficult to get a loan, the rates for a new car loan may increase substantially.

If the interest rates to buy a new car go up, then it is more likely that people will back away from purchasing not only a new car but a used one as well. If a buyer can’t get the car they want without paying a lot in finance charges, leasing may again look like a good option.

For many, the decision will come down to how much they have to spend, how much it will cost to finance, and which one is a better buy for their financial situation. In general, however, if interest rates begin to increase there is good reason to believe that leasing may become a more popular option again.

Which is better for you as a car buyer?

Technology is growing at such a fast rate you can barely get a car home before it has been upgraded and has more of the bells and whistles that you would have liked. Leasing allows you to buy a car and use it for a short time without the hassle of having to buy or sell it again in a couple of years when you want a newer car.

If you are inclined to purchase a new car in 2016 and don’t want to pay for extra repairs such as auto body repairs, you may want to lease and wait out the advances in technology for a while. In a healthier market, innovation will soar and you don’t want to be left with an expensive car that is outdated quickly.

If you are okay without the bells and whistles, and you just want a reliable car to get you from point A to point B you may want to consider a purchase. If money continues to stay cheap than buying a new car may make sense. It will save you from more costly repairs and normally come with a warranty that will get you through the next couple of years.

If you don’t want a huge car payment every month, consider trading in what you have and buying an older, used model. Cars run well past the 100 thousand mark due to better automotive design and engineering.

Likely you can find a car that will get you to the next decade and not create hardship in your monthly budget. You don’t have to sacrifice either, many used cars are an incredible deal and don’t come with a huge price tag.

So what is the future, car buying or leasing? It really depends on what the interest rates do, how stable the economy is, and what your overall goals are. If your car is working and you can wait, you may just want to hold on until the new year, or potentially the election, to see what happens to economic conditions.

The Beginner’s Guide to Options

Reputability in Equipment Financing Endeavors

Equipment and tools are really significant things in any sort of business. Having these will provide you the possibility to thrive in all your business objectives primarily on earning profit. Even so sometimes these objects are not that uncomplicated to obtain. Aside from the issues of obtaining the high quality equipment, the financial potential to get these will be of higher problem. But regardless of how complicated getting these things are, businessmen will usually search for approaches to acquire cash and pay for these items. Some may go for outlawed tactics which is absolutely not advisable due to the damaging consequences it can lead to the business and to the owner, while others would go for financing and other lawful means.

Needless to say, the second option would be the best among the methods of obtaining tools and equipment. For any entrepreneur to thoroughly experience the full potential of the business to earn profit, it is a great thought to have an organization to finance for the machines.

Organizations that cater financing endeavors may require various procedures, rules and policies, and all matters of processing. Different financing companies may also vary in the variety of equipment and the amount of cash they could fund. Some of which may fund cars, personal computers and gadgets, healthcare equipment, and other things essential to operate a specific business. However, most of these organizations also are turning into a watchful mode on financing which implies that in order for them to give funds, the individual is awarded funding only if verified to have the capability to pay or other forms of confirmation. This is truly not a surprising situation. With the planet we have these days, which is packed with tons of fraudsters, they would ensure that they only provide financing to the suitable folks, otherwise, their enterprise will fail.

On the side of a business owner, finding the right financing institution is also a must. As stated earlier, no financing businesses are the identical, so it is essential to have a company that will go well with your needs. There are some institutions in which the requirement completion are much easier to perform than the others. Some also may have extremely difficult prerequisites but can fund greater amounts. Even so, there are other companies that instead of aiding you to get the machines or tools you require for your company, they would seize and hold you down by providing impractical or unfair interest charges or method of payment.

To briefly summarize, equipment financing is excellent for a company and its endeavors. Even so, it is a fact that financing companies will always provide financing only to the suitable men and women with confirmed trustworthiness. And the thought of it must be placed on business owners who desires equipment financing too.


The Right Wedding Car for You

Choosing the right car for your wedding can be a very daunting task for some people. There are so many types and styles of cars available from genuine “old” vintage cars to modern saloons and limousines. The choice can be huge and where do you start?

Firstly it is important to decide on what style of car you want and this can often be determined by your bridal theme for your wedding. If your wedding is going to have a traditional theme with a church ceremony, followed by a reception at a grand hotel or Hall, you may prefer to choose a vintage or classic style car such as a Rolls Royce, Bentley or Beauford that is in keeping with the traditional style. If however your theme is more modern, perhaps a civil ceremony at a Registry office followed by drinks at a local hotel, you may feel the a more modern or functional saloon car such as a Mercedes, Jaguar or Baby Bentley is more appropriate.

Once you have decided what style of car you want, work out how many people you need to get from A to B and this will help you decide on how many cars you will need. It’s no point choosing a single two-seat vintage style car if you have 8 bridesmaids. Ideally you want all your bridesmaids to arrive together just before the bride arrives. A two seat car would have to make several journeys shuttling bridesmaids two at a time and clearly this is not ideal. Even a simple 5 minute journey to the church can take about 15 minutes turnaround time for each pair, meaning your first bridesmaids may have to go to the venue an hour or more before the ceremony just to give enough time to do the remaining journeys… and of course we need to leave time to get the bride to church on time as well. The best option here if you do have a few bridesmaids would be to take a two-car package. A main bridal car for the bride & father, or whoever is accompanying her to church, and a second car to take the bridesmaids. There are many companies who specialise in two car packages with matching coloured or styled cars although bear in mind that the main bridal car is the one that will feature in your wedding album.

The second car ideally needs to match the bridal car in style & colour and offer flexibility to ensure everyone gets to the venue in good time. There are many cars available but it is often best to choose a limousine that will hold up to seven.

Examples being the modern Mercedes 7 seat limousines or a “classic” Daimler DS420.

Or you may even fancy an American 8 seat stretched limo – great for the kids.

You may not have that many bridesmaids but it will give flexibility if you need extra space. Don’t forget the bride’s mother!! And remember the bride’s father may need a seat to go on to the reception venue after the ceremony.

Many companies will also offer a small discount for booking two cars.

What colour of cars you choose may be a secondary concern and is of course a matter of personal preference. White, cream or ivory is very traditional but silver is proving very popular these days too. One thing to bear in mind is how the brides dress will look with the cars in the photos. If the brides dress is white then next to a white car the dress may not stand out and the photos may look stark. A white dress next to a cream or ivory car may give a better result. Conversely an ivory dress will look best against a white car. Think also of the upholstery in the car. Again cream or beige/brown or neutral colours look best on photos whereas green leather for example may not look very suitable. Grey is an ideal neutral colour but it’s all a matter of personal taste. Most companies take a lot of time & effort keeping their cars looking immaculate inside & out so this brings us on to the next point…

Always go and see the cars you are interested in or ask for lots of photos if you’re unable to attend in person. It’s easy to disguise problems with carefully taken pictures so seeing the cars close-up is worth the time it takes. That way you can see the cars, sit in them, check out their condition both inside & out and be in a much better position to make the right decision as to which car (or cars) is best for your needs on the big day.

Just a point about replica or ‘kit cars’ – many brides will want “the genuine” article so maybe will choose a classic Rolls Royce, Daimler or a Bentley, all very popular and very traditional for weddings. But bear in mind that these cars may be 40, 50 or 60 years or more old and can suffer from mechanical or electrical issues due to their age. Most companies will spend fortunes on maintaining their fleet but you never know when the unexpected may occur and the older the car is the more likely it will suffer from issues or at worst a breakdown.

There is an alternative in “replica” cars. These are cars built on modern chassis with modern engines and mechanics but built in a vintage style. A typical and very popular example is the Beauford. These are based on Ford or Nissan engines with modern chassis and built using fibre glass panels to imitate the 1920/30’s look and style. The car is actually designed to imitate the 1929 Duisenburg but also looks very much like a vintage Bentley.

The advantage of these cars is simply that you get the vintage appearance but with modern mechanics and electrics which makes them much more reliable with far less risk of breakdown. Most companies will have contingency plans in place if the worst does happen but it’s often better to choose a car with less risk and these replica or kit cars are a very good option. They look the part and are very reliable. Another example is the ‘Regent’ wedding car which is based on an FX4 Black cab chassis.

So you’ve chosen the style, type and colour of car you want and decided on how many cars you will need, what next? Choose a reputable and professional firm and discuss fully your requirements with the company you choose – make sure you include details of every journey needed, how long the cars will be needed for, how far apart the church & reception venues are or if the ceremony & reception are all taking place at a single venue, whether you want to go via a park for additional photos or visit a cemetery to place a bouquet on a loved one’s grave, and the number of passengers on each journey. If you’re having a ceremony at a Hotel, do you want the car to wait until after your ceremony so you can have photos with the car or even a short ride out. Do you want a celebration drink in the car for your journey to the reception venue. All these factors are important and may have a bearing on the final price agreed for the hire. Additional journeys requested later after a price has been agreed may incur an additional charge so it’s important to include everything up front.

Once you’ve agreed a price it is normal to pay a deposit when you book the cars and obtain a receipt. The company should then contact you a month or so in advance of the wedding to go through all the details again and confirm times etc and you would normally be expected to pay your final balance at this time although all companies work slightly differently. Some may prefer the final balance in cash on the day which is not uncommon but it’s your choice on how you want to pay.

If you need impartial advice on any aspect of your wedding day transport you can speak to any reputable company. They will be only too happy to offer their expertise and guidance on what is the best choice for your big day. If they don’t have the cars you are looking for most companies will know someone who does and be able to give a recommendation or referral.